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The University of Arizona STEM Learning Center was designated as a UA Center in April, 2014 with a mission to advance STEM learning for the good of Southern Arizona youth, educators and employers, to help strengthen our regional economy and to ultimately benefit communities throughout Arizona.

These goals require a wide range of activities, including facilitating opportunities for lifelong learning, spreading information about best practices and effective pedagogy, conducting analytics on STEM learning, helping sustain quality programs, expanding awareness of those programs and bringing together educators, industry, citizen groups and other stakeholders around STEM issues.

Two-Year Working Goals

The SLC will be a responsive partner in STEM education, responding to the needs of our communities and constituencies as they evolve. That said, we’ve established five baseline objectives to shape our investments and help prioritize our work in the near-term:

  • Provide a structural framework to integrate PreK–12 education, industry and community expertise and resources;
  • Serve as a central point of contact and communication via a physical presence on campus and this website;
  • Expand UA interaction with the broader community with outreach services for university-wide grant proposals that include business and education partners;
  • Support efforts to improve STEM teaching and learning throughout the UA;
  • Develop metrics to measure progress towards goals, assess outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of models that can be leveraged statewide

Lifelong Learning, Lifelong Fun

Underlying all of these objectives is our belief that to be healthy, Southern Arizona needs STEM-literate citizens who have access to quality education resources and opportunities for engaged learning throughout their lives. STEM learning can and should be fun, and the UA STEM Learning Center is committed to helping generate excitement, energy and activity around science, technology, engineering and math education.

Stakeholder Reports:

December 2014: PDF

July 2015: PDF

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