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STEM learning doesn’t have to end when school lets out. These resources will help parents, youth volunteers and informal educators bring science, technology, engineering and math alive for students during “out-of-school time.”


Informal Science Learning and Education: Definition and Goals


Best practices developed with input from Arizona stakeholders

STEM Activities from How to Smile

Teaching Resources from the STEM Learning and Resource Center

Events from STEM Education and Learning

Informal learning materials from Technical Education Research Centers (TERC)

Learning resources from We Are Teachers

OST findings and recommendations from SRI International

Learning resources from Engineering is Elementary

Resources from the Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education

Lessons and activities from Colorado State University

Help with STEM inspiration for girls from Dot Diva

Connecting STEM with high-tech projects and jobs from Dot Diva (girls-focused)

Online STEM professional development for OST youth workers

STEM activities and education from PBS (girls-focused)

Videos about numbers and math from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

Research on best practices from the National Girls Collaborative Project

Resources for OST learning from the Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education

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