The University of Arizona

On the Horizon

As a new organization, the STEM Learning Center will evolve significantly over the next 24 months. While we’ll be agile in our growth and flexible in how we respond to needs and opportunities, we’ve also set our sites on a number of specific goals for the audiences we seek to unite. 

For UA Researchers, Faculty & Directors

  • A series of free workshops designed to help grant applicants strengthen their broader impacts and evaluations content in grant proposals
  • Free forums focused on best practices for engaging under-represented populations in STEM and increasing minority participation in STEM programs

For Educators & Program Managers

  • Information sessions on free-choice learning in STEM and how to integrate informal teaching practices in formal settings, including introductions to quality online resources for informal STEM education
  • A free, annual “Technology 101” workshop offering tips on how to best leverage common software like Excel, PowerPoint and Word in STEM education

For Non-Profits & Other Organizations

  • Annual workshops on selecting and using evaluation and assessment tools for your STEM programs to show value and compete for grants more effectively

For UA Undergraduates

  • Spring and fall fairs showcasing courses, outreach programs and other opportunities for STEM-related service learning in line with the UA’s commitment to 100% engagement for all students


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