Michelle Higgins

Associate Director, Societal Impact

Michelle Higgins earned a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Physics focusing on submillimeter laser systems and the modeling of 3-D radar scattering of tactical vehicles. She is currently a doctoral student in Educational Psychology with interests in the relationship between universal mathematical signifieds, self-concept, and the development of a mathematics identity. Michelle currently serves as Associate Director of the UA STEM Learning Center, bringing together people, resources, and research to build a diverse population of life-long STEM learners.  She serves as the President for the Tucson Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the STEM Chair for AAUW Arizona. She is a national board member for SciGirls Connect 2, Latina SciGirls, and CosmoQuest, and serves locally on the board for Women in Science and Engineering. Michelle is a third degree black belt, an active member of the World Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Union, a certified instructor, and was the 2013 Adult Female Sparring Grand Champion.

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