University of Arizona STEM Learning Center

The University of Arizona STEM Learning Center serves as a nexus where researchers, educators, business and industry, community organizations, and regional policy leaders join forces to realize an economic and civic future that holds at its heart the rich economic and human potential of STEM innovation. The Center will serve to raise the profile of UA STEM activities and provide assistance to those engaged in these efforts, engage in active partnerships with business and community leaders, enable expanded potential for University-wide grant proposals, align our work with national and statewide STEM education efforts, and serve as a hub for STEM learning throughout southern Arizona. Ultimately, the STEM Learning Center will serve as a national model for a regional STEM learning environment that redefines who is responsible for STEM learning, breaks the traditional boundaries of in-school learning, links University research, service and outreach with the real needs of PreK-12 education and the business community, and designs a STEM focus that reflects the needs of the region and the expertise of the partners.

The UA STEM Learning Center will:

  • Integrate University, PreK-12 education, business and industry, and community expertise and resources by providing the structural organization to bring stakeholders together.
  • Serve as a central point of contact and communication by offering a physical presence on campus as well as a comprehensive web site with information portals for campus audiences, educators, industry, and community members.
  • Encourage and facilitate expanded University interaction with the broader community by providing services in support of initiatives to improve STEM teaching and learning and assistance with outreach for University-wide grant proposals that include business and PreK-12 partners.
  • Develop evaluation metrics to measure progress towards goals and assess outcomes to determine effect and sustainability of models for leverage across the state.


The STEM Learning Center is housed in existing facilities at the College of Science’s Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium. Staff offices, conference rooms, and classroom spaces for a variety of program activities are available for use by Center staff and community partners. In addition to the educational exhibits and K-12 programs at Flandrau, it also serves as a venue for many types of informal STEM outreach. The combination of a STEM Learning Center with the educational resources at Flandrau will create a rich environment for realizing this new model for STEM innovation in our community.

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